Oceania Seminar Tour in Auckland, New Zealand

Woo Myung lectures at special invitational lecture events in Auckland on July 28th at 6:30 p.m. Date:  July 28th, 2014 Venue:   Aotea Centre (Upper NZI Room) Contact:   64-9-480-7245

Experience of an eternal peace and blessings

I was a part of family which could have been called ‘the Truth seeking people.’ But while experiencing a crisis after divorce, I decided to seek the Truth. It didn’t matter what people, government, and society said, and no matter what opinions others gave or even the weather – I was resolute that I was going to seek the never-changing being inside all of us. I think the Universe finally answered my quest of love. I was offered a job in Tijuana when I received a brochure on this meditation at a hotel. I was very interested when I read it. So I called for an appointment and went to the center. I started meditation from that day. This was exactly what I was seeking. I began with full of enthusiasm and after I passed the first level through enlightening to the Universe, I vowed to continue until the completion. Through every level, I realized that the pictures of my mind negatively influenced me. I awakened as I continued to throw out more, and stress and many sufferings decreased more and more. I experienced deep-rooted pictures of my life and learned how to throw them away. I also learned this... View Article

I am already this peaceful – when I am complete, how would it be?

Why aren’t I happy? I have asked myself hundreds of times. I am not talking about transient happiness gained from getting something. I am talking about happiness of peace and contentment regardless of my surrounding situations. Actually I was very fortunate. I had a good family, a good husband, beautiful daughters, a good neighborhood and house, and also went to good schools. Everything seemed all perfect. It doesn’t mean I wasn’t grateful – I am grateful now and will continue to be. I prayed since I learned it would be good to do prayers of blessings, but nothing happened. I forgave since I learned it would be good to forgive, but I felt something was missing and continued to have dissatisfaction about something. I always felt deficient and always had questions, why? To find answers, I sought knowledge, wanted to meet people, bought things, went and came…..but nothing occurred. I had to change. Any books talk about needing these changes. But how? Also, I was full of endless stressful thought. I knew I had to change and why, but I wasn’t happy not knowing – how? Then one day, I found a brochure for this meditation and I was very... View Article

All my stuff was in my own mind

I grew up in an all-female house. It seemed like all we did was argue in my home. But we did love each other and my mother, as I saw it, never seemed to get a break. She always seemed to be struggling financially. In my teens I remember thinking, “this can’t be real.” No family goes through this much stuff. As I grew up, I thought that my mother must have done something really bad to have this much bad karma all of her life. But as I got older, I was going through my own stuff just as painful as hers. I had always thought I knew God, even as a little girl. So, going to church for me was a major “have to.” I felt good at church, but stuff was still coming up. The messages at church sounded good, but they weren’t really the answer. I felt like there had to be something else. Then I found a brochure about this meditation. This meditation showed me the reason for all my life’s stuff. All my stuff was in my own mind. My mind would keep me awake at night tossing all kinds of thoughts. How do... View Article

I’m grateful. I’m truly grateful, everyday

I first began this meditation on September 18, 2011 at Maryland Center. I’ll never forget it because it was a very difficult time in my life. I was going through a lot of things. I was going through a separation with my husband, my oldest daughter left for college, and I was not talking to my family. My whole life was changing. I was lost, confused, and depressed. Before the meditation, I didn’t talk to my family. I had a lot of resentment toward them because I felt that my parents didn’t love me and they only loved my brothers and sister. I never really appreciated my parents for the positive things they did for me, I only remembered the negative experiences over the many years. In early September 2011, I discovered a little green booklet at my work. Later that evening, I read the pamphlet cover to cover and I was immediately intrigued, knowing I had to call the meditation center right away. I called to schedule an appointment and to my surprise, I had a strong emotional feeling that rose up in me. I cried. I managed to make an appointment to come to the center the next... View Article

The path toward the Truth

When I was young, I never really experienced any hardship. In other words, I was fortunate that I was able to have things I wanted including a good family and health. But my mind was never at ease. I always had difficulty falling asleep and worried chronically about everything. I was worrying about other people and also things didn’t even happened yet. At first, I thought it was amusing to be worried about things before they occurred. But as years went on, all of what I learned in life and schools became my expectations which I had to meet. Of course, nothing was working out the way I expected and I started to get angry and hurt, even for the smallest, trite matters. Eventually, I developed depression. I always felt inadequate and unsatisfied. And to fill the void, I always sought out something to do, it didn’t matter whether it was negative or positive. Sometime I felt better, but it was transient and only for the moment. It was as if my life was on a roller coaster. I was hurting people around me and I felt that I was poisonous person. I started to have health problems, but I... View Article

How Meditation Changed My Life

The purpose of my testimony is to share how this meditation changed my life. I’ve lived my life full of stress and anxiety. I wanted everything to be my way, but when things wouldn’t go the way I expected I would become frustrated and stressed out easily. I was well off economically; I had a home and a family. Yet, I didn’t feel satisfied or happy. I couldn’t appreciate what I had. Everything was accumulating leading to a divorce, which led me to depression, sleepless nights, and loneliness. I wasn’t able to concentrate at work. It was as if I’d fallen on a bottom-less pit. This was a low point in my life, where I felt my life had no meaning. I started attending church, started seeing a therapist, tried yoga, and reading self-help books. I was desperate to get out of the place where I was. When I would go to church or see a therapist, I would feel good only for the short moments I was there. Afterwards, I was back to feeling the same way. In a book, I read how meditation helped people find inner peace and reduce stress; that is how I became interested in... View Article

I can breathe the fresh air of freedom and liberty

Three months after my second daughter was born, I couldn’t stop worrying. Falling asleep was difficult and when I could finally fall asleep, I would wake up in the middle of the night, scared by my own uncontrollable thoughts. With the thoughts spinning in my head, I sweated while my body was shaking and my heart beat exceedingly fast. I couldn’t eat and I lost all the weights I gained from pregnancy in just a month. Worse still, I couldn’t see my first daughter who was barely two years old then. For no obvious reason, I got mad at her constantly. I hated myself for rejecting her, but I couldn’t control myself. Seeing her tearing face, and hearing her saying, “mommy doesn’t love me anymore” completely broke my heart. We had so much loving time together before. But it seems like all the sudden, I changed into another person, a person that my daughter was scared of, a person that I myself no longer recognized. What happened to me? Why would I change into such a horrible person? Who is the real me? What did I do that made me deserve such a horrible experience? Was I dreaming? I blamed... View Article