Program for Young People

The Meditation Youth Camp

The Meditation Youth Camp is a 3 week program for young people in elementary school, middle school, or high school. The camp is held during winter and summer school breaks. During this time, students meditate, find their true self, and establish wise personal values, so that they may live in the world with minds as wide as the Universe. Indeed, the Meditation Youth Camp offers an all-round, comprehensive education for all young individuals, so that he or she may achieve a human completion. Our young students grow spiritually, and their attitudes toward life change dramatically. Numerous research studies regarding the many positive changes young students experience are currently underway by many educators as well as researchers.

Since its inauguration in 2000, well over 17,000 students have taken part in the Meditation Youth Camp as of July 2012.

Extracurricular Youth Programs

Program to help children adjust to the school environment

Includes counseling, improving attention and focus, improving self-esteem and self-efficacy.

Program to help prevent violence at school

Includes developing social skills, improving peer relations, dealing with and reducing feelings of aggression.

Program to help prevent addictions

Includes education about addiction, dealing with addiction and quitting addictive behaviors.

Program for career advice and personal development

Includes improving self-confidence, guidance in searching for appropriate career paths and personal development.

Program for gender equality

Through the subtraction method principles, elementary school students develop gender equality values.

Program for suicide prevention

A program for middle school students who are particularly vulnerable to suicide triggers.


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