Global Centers

Branch Centers –
in Korea and Overseas

The first branch center opened in Yangjae, in 1999, thereafter quickly expanding to 20, 30, 50 centers. Woo Myung visited all the branch centers that opened in those early days to give special talks. Now, 14 years later, there are 225 branch centers in Korea alone. In the cities, the rural countrysides, the mainland and islands like Jeju, there are centers easily accessible for anyone to cleanse their minds.

Tokyo center in Japan opened in 2000, soon followed by the opening of the L.A. center in the U.S. There are now 330 centers in 41 countries around the world(as of September. 2014) offering Woo Myung’s meditation program.

Branch centers enable students to incorporate their meditation with daily schedules. The helpers reside at branch centers to guide meditation sessions and consult with students. The care and attention given to each student who comes to meditate, reflect Woo Myung’s ethos, in cherishing each and every person who comes.

There are no limitations on the time that they can spend at a branch center; students can choose to meditate for one or two hours, for several hours or even all day if they want. Rather, when students dedicate in cleansing their minds, it is greatly appreciated.

The helpers at the Main Center and the branch centers are committed to helping students to achieve completion as quickly as possible, by delivering and teaching the method to the best of their ability and with unwavering dedication and constancy.