Poems to Awaken

Daybreak With the dawning of a new day comes the birds’ flight. With the dawning of a new day comes the dew that glistens in... More

Love Love is endlessly peaceful. Love is endlessly understanding. Love is something that only humans have. Love is about giving what you have. Love is... More

Bright Light The day the dark clouds are lifted will be the day in which the world will be bright. What does it mean for... More

How to Treat Others When dealing with another, do so with the absence of your mind. When you do this, that person will feel at... More

Tree The tree lives its life. Its life is one that is lived standing firm. No matter how much distress may befall it, it remains... More

How to Live Well To live without attachments is to live well. To live without self is to live well. To stand in Truth is... More

To Those That Hate Me To those that hate me, thank you for showing me there is hate in my heart. To my enemies, thank... More