How Meditation Changed My Life

Enrique/Auto Technician/San Fernando Valley, U.S.A

The purpose of my testimony is to share how this meditation changed my life. I’ve lived my life full of stress and anxiety. I wanted everything to be my way, but when things wouldn’t go the way I expected I would become frustrated and stressed out easily. I was well off economically; I had a home and a family. Yet, I didn’t feel satisfied or happy. I couldn’t appreciate what I had.

Everything was accumulating leading to a divorce, which led me to depression, sleepless nights, and loneliness. I wasn’t able to concentrate at work. It was as if I’d fallen on a bottom-less pit. This was a low point in my life, where I felt my life had no meaning.

I started attending church, started seeing a therapist, tried yoga, and reading self-help books. I was desperate to get out of the place where I was. When I would go to church or see a therapist, I would feel good only for the short moments I was there. Afterwards, I was back to feeling the same way. In a book, I read how meditation helped people find inner peace and reduce stress; that is how I became interested in meditation.

One day, I found this meditation pamphlet and I called to make an appointment. Since the beginning, everything seemed very interesting, especially because they talked about where we came from, why we are here, and where we go after we die?

I started the meditation. Within the first week of meditating I didn’t feel the need to continue seeing the therapist, I cancelled my appointment. Shortly after, I was sleeping much better, stress and anxiety were going away. I didn’t feel lonely – everything was getting better rapidly. I was surprised with the results. Now I was able to understand others and myself. My relationships with friends, clients, and family became better. I felt energetic as if I could do many things without feeling exhausted at the end of the day. Now I could appreciate all the things I had. I learned to be patient and to accept the things that happened around me.

I was fascinated with the results, so I decided to fully devote myself to the practice of this meditation. This is why I went to South Korea to meditate intensively for three months. It took me two years and half to complete all the levels. Once I finished all the levels, my false mind which was filled with stress, anxiety, and worries had been completely discarded.

My mind has changed to infinite Universe mind. I became one with the world, not separate; it’s a complete awakening. It is the state of human completion. It is amazing! It is a miracle! I really appreciate the founder of this meditation. I wish everybody can stop living in the false world of suffering and agonies. I am sure this method can make people liberated from their false minds and live in the world of everlasting happiness.