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February 5, 2005 Hong Kong Seminar

This study enlightens one, and answers all questions one may have. People ask me how did you to enlighten to develop the Maum meditation. Because of my father’s death, I thought a lot about why do people live and where do people come from and return to. I had felt that when a person comes to this world and die, there is no meaning and it’s futile.

What is the Truth; What is the Existence of the Truth?

Worldly preconceptions teach us that the Truth is something that is eternal and never-changing. I, too, teach that the Truth is eternal, never-changing and alive. I also teach what worldly-preconceptions do not – what the existence of the Truth is. It is the place before all material forms were created; in other words, the Truth is the emptiness that remains when you take away everything in the sky that is the Universe – the stars, the sun, the moon and the earth and even all material substances from the air. The Truth, the emptiness, is an existence that is alive; it existed before the beginning, exists now, and will continue to exist for all eternity. This existence is the origin of the Truth. Everything that exists in the world appeared from this place of non-existence. Since all creations came from this existence, they are this existence regardless of whether they exist. This existence always just exists, but man cannot see or know this existence that is the origin and the source, because it does not exist in his mind. The human mind is a mind that takes pictures of the world. The sky or the Universe inside a picture is... View Article


Words given in Switzerland during European Tour There is a Korean idiom that states, “Things occur according to what one has added to the mind.” This means that a person lives his life based on what he has in his mind. As a person lives, he adds life experiences to his mind; and that is what was taken into his mind. The mind is formed through whatever one experienced; in other words, one’s lived life. There are 6 billion people in this world and they all have different minds, because they lived in different environments. We live as our minds dictate, thinking our minds are true. When I think with my mind that I have to meet someone, this moves my body. That mind moves a person. When I think in my mind, I have to go to bathroom, the body moves; the mind is the owner. All people live according to their minds and live as much as those minds; they live based on what were added to their minds. The people in the world live according to their minds; the way they live is the expression of their minds. This is a human being’s life, which is a... View Article

The Practice that Enables You to Love Your Enemies

I have traveled all over the world to give lectures, and I continue to do so to this day. The content of the talks I give is the following: I prove to people that they live in a false world of their own minds; that they have made through copying the world and the lives they have lived. And I tell them that the true world exists once they escape from this fake picture world; and furthermore, without being resurrected in the true world, they cannot live eternally. I also tell them that to become saints, they must cleanse their sins and karma and be reborn as the Truth. Most people seem to understand this. I tell them that the Truth is an existence that is eternal and never-changing; and that the world of the Truth is a world that lies beyond the complete death of one’s self. I also ask them to imagine that they had not been born in the world, and then when I ask them if the Universe would still exist, they nod. I then ask them to imagine that all material entities in the Universe had not been created. I ask them again whether the... View Article

How to Become the Truth and Why One Must Not Fail to Reach the Truth

How can one become the Truth? And why must one succeed in reaching the Truth? First, we must understand what the Truth is. What is the Truth? We have learned that the Truth is everlasting and never-changing. So then, what is this eternal and never-changing existence? Let’s begin by thinking about the Universe. The Universe is infinite so it cannot be drawn but let’s represent it in this way. [image] The sky – the Universe – contains stars, sun, moon and earth; and on the earth, there are people. What you see and hear, everything just as they exist is the Truth; thus, what you see here is everything that exists in the Universe. [image] In the Universe, there are the stars, the sun, the moon and the earth. Let us try thinking about things in the following way: [image] Imagine we went back in time to an eternity ago, along with the stars, the sun, the moon, and the earth. Scientists tell us that the lifespan of a star ranges from 5 to 14 billion years. However, the lifespans of the stars, the sun, the moon, the earth, and a man are like a split second compared with eternity.... View Article

For the Completion of All People – A Never-Ending Schedule of Seminars

Since founding Subtraction Meditation in 1996, Woo Myung has spoken at innumerable seminars and lectures. As long as there were people waiting in search of their true self, there was nowhere he was not willing to travel to. His world tours which began in Korea, and has spanned Asia, Europe, U.S., Oceania, Africa and South America, continues to the present day. Woo Myung’s lectures are clear, thoughtful and easy enough for anyone to understand. Through them, countless people have realized the need to cleanse their minds and began practicing the Subtraction Meditation, thereby finding their true selves and achieving human completion. Here, a few of his lectures from his seminar tours have been excerpted and published. “I wait and wait for the day when all of mankind becomes complete and live. It is my hope that before I die, the Truth will spread all over the world and all people will be resurrected as the Truth. It is my will to work hard, so that even one more person may live.” – Woo Myung

원수조차 사랑하게 되는 마음공부

세미나 내용은, 세상과 세상에 살았던 것을 복사하여 인간은 가짜인 자기의 마음의 세상에 살고 있음을 확인시켜주고 이 가짜인 사진의 세상에서 빠져나가야 참세상이 있다고 하고, 참세상에 거듭나지 않고는 영원히 살 자가 없다고 말합니다.

어떻게 하면 진리가 될 수 있을까?

그러나 그 영원불변한 존재가 무엇인가요? 이 우주에서 생각해 보기로 합니다. 이 우주는 무한대라 그릴 수가 없지만 이렇게 그려놓고 생각하여 봅니다. 이 우주의 하늘에는 별 태양 달과 지구가 있고 지구에는 사람이 있습니다. 보는 대로 듣는 대로가 진리이듯 보는 대로는 이것이 우주의 전부입니다.