Bright Light

Bright Light The day the dark clouds are lifted will be the day in which the world will be bright. What does it mean for the world to be bright? It means that man’s individual mind will no longer exist. It means that his life exists, but he will not exist in it. Such a place would be a bright world. Such a place would be a true world. A true world is a bright world; a true world is a world of hope. I await the day the dark clouds will be lifted and the new world – the new Heaven and earth – will be revealed. The cloudless sky brightens the mind of man. Likewise we will see the bright Light when the clouds are no more; likewise we will see the day when everyone is smiling.


Love Love is endlessly peaceful. Love is endlessly understanding. Love is something that only humans have. Love is about giving what you have. Love is about humans loving humans. Love is about sharing goodness with others. Love is about showing mercy to others. Love is about giving everything to the people of the world; it is about giving what you have to others. Love is about speaking for those who have no words. Love is about making it possible for the deaf to hear. Love is about being loyal to the ones you love. Love is about giving the whole of your heart. Love is about being of one mind even when you and another are not together. Love is about showing a warm gesture even to those who are just passing by. Love is about showing uncalculated kindness. Love is about longing those you miss. Love is about treating loved ones with love. Love is to give to others if they are wanting. Loving people live in a loving world, so they treat each other with love. And because the people of the world treat each other with love, the dark clouds of anger are lifted, and they care... View Article


Daybreak With the dawning of a new day comes the birds’ flight. With the dawning of a new day comes the dew that glistens in the sunlight. That day has broken means the darkness has been lifted. Darkness is blindness. Man thinks he exists since he is living. But the life he lives is not a life at all, for it is not righteous. Man is blind, for his eyes are wide shut. His mind is the Universe, but he cannot see it; not knowing this, he lives in an illusion. Thus it is when the eyes of his mind are open that man will be able to see the world as bright Light.

Does meditation help in reducing annoyance and irritation?

Meditation Satisfaction Survey Survey Date : March 7-20, 2008 Target : 473 Meditation Students, Level 3-4 Survey Conducted by Korea Association of Statistics & Information Sampling Error ±2.5% Very Helpful Helpful Stayed Same Not Helpful Not at all Helpful 34.3% 57.6% 7.7% 0.4% 0%

Best Decision I Made

I started this meditation due to stress and depression. Then, I did not expect much from it, all I wanted were to feel more comfortable and confident in my life. However, what I have received so far is way beyond expectations. Reflecting back, I felt extremely lucky to having met and been transformed by the method. My parents divorced when I was young. Growing up seeing them in dispute with each other all the times, I wondered how two people loved each other at the beginning ended up being enemies and whether or not the true love mentioned in Bible and Buddhist Sutra exists in this world. All I saw was the fleeting moment of happiness that faded away as time passes by. Also, there are certain behaviors of my parents that I promised not to repeat. For example, I swore not to be as impatient and ambitious as my father, only to find myself struggling to achieve the best at whatever I do. How ironical it is. The more I tried to change the more desperate I felt. I tried to be nice by joining volunteer work. Despite enjoying them very much, deeply inside there stayed the fear of... View Article

I Found True Happiness

Before I started meditation, I was always trying to understand the meaning of life. Even since I was a very young boy, I searched for answers to the many questions I had. Who am I? Why am I here? Why do I exist? Why does anything exist at all? And, I found it extremely frustrating and challenging to find real answers to these questions. In my personal life, I thought I had it so great. I was a nightclub DJ in Las Vegas, and to be honest, I always made great money and was always surrounded by pretty girls and friends. So I guess I believed my life was happy and I have always done my best to enjoy life. However, still I feel something is missing. For some reason, I felt certain sadness inside. “Why do I have this sadness?” And the worst part was, I could not really talk to anyone about this. Whenever I would bring up this topic, I noticed other people became very shy and did not seem to want to talk about it. Yet, aside from my personal life, I truly wanted to know the meaning of life. I began to research, very intensely... View Article

Gift of Life

I questioned about the direction of my life. I began to wonder about the true purpose of life: we come into this world to accumulate wealth? Would we take any of this when we die? I had too much stress in studying at a reputable university. As the National Autonomous University of Mexico, it demanded a lot from me. But I thought it was normal because all my friends lived in the same way. I had insomnia because I worried a lot about my homework and my future. As I was not sure about how to achieve my goals, I lived with much anxiety. My health dramatically deteriorated due to stress. No moment of my life was in peace and I kept wondering about the true purpose of life. In 2010, I received the greatest gift of my life: I met this meditation. I attended the seminar hosted by the founder. I opened my mind and listened to him carefully but couldn’t clearly understand what I would achieve through this meditation. Soon after meditating, I had a big relief I was looking for. I stopped having unnecessary thoughts that tormented me. I could concentrate better on my projects so my... View Article