#1 Bestseller in 10 Categories Including Health, Self-Help, Happiness, Social Science, Philosophy

November 2012

Stop Living In This Land. Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness. Live There ForeverEnglisdh Edition

#1 Bestseller in 10 categories including Health, Self-Help, Happiness, Social Science, Philosophy, and Meditation
#1 in Author Ranking in Various Categories
#1 in the Metaphysics Category for Amazon Kindle

In Korea, Woo Myung’s book was ranked as a bestseller and has caused a sensation. After its English edition was published and made available for sale on, the ranking gradually soared and reached #1 Weekly Bestseller. This represents deep interests of people of the world on mind and self-reflection. People of the world, who now want to transcend temporary repose and rest of mind, are eager for more fundamental ‘true healing.’ It is also the hope of Woo Myung that people cleanse and empty their minds and live in the land of eternal happiness.