I Found True Happiness

Steven Oberg / DJ / Las Vegas, USA

Before I started meditation, I was always trying to understand the meaning of life. Even since I was a very young boy, I searched for answers to the many questions I had. Who am I? Why am I here? Why do I exist? Why does anything exist at all? And, I found it extremely frustrating and challenging to find real answers to these questions.

In my personal life, I thought I had it so great. I was a nightclub DJ in Las Vegas, and to be honest, I always made great money and was always surrounded by pretty girls and friends. So I guess I believed my life was happy and I have always done my best to enjoy life. However, still I feel something is missing. For some reason, I felt certain sadness inside. “Why do I have this sadness?” And the worst part was, I could not really talk to anyone about this. Whenever I would bring up this topic, I noticed other people became very shy and did not seem to want to talk about it.

Yet, aside from my personal life, I truly wanted to know the meaning of life. I began to research, very intensely many topics including philosophy, religion, spirituality, government, and the mind. I tried so many things to gain understanding, however, I became discouraged because nothing was giving me true answers. It truly felt as if life was a riddle to me, like I was missing something. “What is it I thought?” “What could it be?” It was as if I was playing a game of connect-the-dots where I would take bits-and-pieces of this topic and bits-and-pieces of that topic. I tried to form the meaning of life that best suited me. However, I concluded that there was so much information, that I didn’t really know what to believe. I really accepted the fact that I was totally lost, and I was completely unsure of what life really entailed.


When I first read a meditation brochure, my first thought was, ‘This is the answer to everything.’ It’s as if the pages were written for me. I completely related to everything the brochure was saying. I had always felt I was disconnected from nature and reality, the meditation brochure explained that I was not living in the True World but in my mind world. This really made a lot of sense to me. Also, the brochure talked about throwing away my false mind, this also made complete sense to me as I always felt that my mind is responsible for all the sadness in my life. As I continued to read, the brochure explained, “Come out of my false mind and see the True World and the True Reality and nature of life.” It was like a breath of fresh air reading those pages and I instinctively sought to drive to the local center in Las Vegas and receive a free seminar. I quickly signed up and began level one.

I have been practicing meditation for nearly two years now, and have recently reached level eight, the highest level. Wow… This meditation really has the method to open one’s eyes. I feel as if I was trapped in my own mind my whole life, like I was dreaming. This meditation program truly solved all the pertinent questions I was facing in my life. It has given me a clear understanding of what life entails and my relationship in the world, of the world, and to the world.

What I would like to recommend, to everyone, all of humanity, is to begin your journey to find your true self. This meditation is the study of Human Completion. What is Human Completion? Well, in this life, we have so many questions, these questions stem from the fact that we do not yet have a clear understanding of what life really is. The study of Human Completion is the study of becoming complete in the world and to understand, exactly, what life is. Human Completion is understanding exactly our true nature.

There seems to be a theme in the World right now of “waking up” or “waking up from our dream.” There is a precise method of meditating and throwing away to “wake up” and fully understand the meaning of life. It also provides very important information regarding our true nature. This true nature can be found when one examines that the Universe is actually an alive entity. At the end of level one, a person will enlighten and come to realize this very fact, that the Universe is truly alive. We have never before examined the possibility that the Universe is an Alive entity, However, after a person comes to understand this simple fact, the person then begins to gain a relationship and connection with the world and all of nature and creation.

The fact that we don’t yet understand the meaning of life is truly the problem. All of peoples’ stresses, worries, anxieties, depression, and inferiority truly come from this simple problem; that we don’t yet fully understand the meaning of it all. Because we don’t understand the ways of the world, we are only living inside of our own minds and bathing in our own struggles.

Personally, I found True Happiness. It’s a happiness that will never go away under any circumstance. This happiness is simply because I have found a real connection with life. I now understand the meaning of it all. Meditation will guide you towards true wisdom. Because of my newly found enlightenment, everything in my life has improved especially personal relationships. I really understand people now, in fact, I really understand everything now, and everything is like a gift.

It’s like I’ve always said, “The World is one, and the journey towards the inside is the greatest.” This is meditation. “Waking Up” to the True reality that life is amazing. All the struggles in life have gone and completely vanished. Life is bliss. Please come to meditate. Please come to the True World and leave all the pain and struggles in life behind.