The Way To Become A Person In Heaven While Living

While we are alive, we sustain our bodies from the food we eat, but it is possible to live eternally even after the physical death of our bodies by being reborn as the Truth that is the Energy and God of the Universe. This existence is absent of death, does not have a beginning or an end; it is the sky before the sky. This existence is alive; it is the very Soul and Spirit. A person who has been reborn as this existence has been born as the Truth, and as such death does not exist for him. He is an eternal immortal and lives in the world of the Truth that is heaven. Without becoming this existence while one is alive, there is no way to live eternally.

Where You Become True Is The Place Of Truth

Falseness is always false even if it appears similar to Truth and it is false even if it speaks of Truth. Truth must be Truth for it to be true. Then, what exactly is Truth? If you have not become Truth, that is real and true, aren’t you false? Have you become complete, and if you have not, then again, aren’t you false? Man often tries to find Truth within his conceptions and habits but man cannot know Truth because Truth does not exist within human conceptions. Only those who have become Truth can know Truth. He who is alive can recognize who is alive and who is dead. Only those who are true can know both Truth and falseness. Thus, only he who has become true can know what is true and only he who has been born in the true world can know the ways of the world.

The Living Eternal World

Oneness is completeness.
It is being without any lack whatsoever; it is having everything and living as all things.
It is the Truth so everything lives in the land of one; the Truth is completion.
The existence of the Truth enables the man, who is unable to be reborn as the Truth, to be born as the Truth in the true world and live as the Truth.
Truth that is oneness. Nature’s flow that is oneness. Jung and Shin that is oneness. Mind that is oneness. Truth that is oneness.

Heaven’s Formula For Saving The World

It is absurd to believe that a person who is not reborn in heaven while he is alive can go to heaven after he is dead. Simply put, he cannot. When one’s consciousness becomes one with the great Soul and Spirit of the Universe while he is alive, the world in which he lives is both heaven as well as eternal life itself. That is why it makes no sense to say that a person who is not reborn in heaven while living could possibly enter heaven after death. They say it is through faith that one may enter heaven. However, it is only when heaven exists in his mind that he truly believes.

Book Of Wisdom

Doing d? or the Truth is to enter into the insubstantial yet substantial existence - the original body that is existence amidst non-existence, and non-existence amidst existence. All creations in the Universe, just as they are, are this insubstantial yet substantial existence. Therefore, knowing this existence, that is our original self, is returning to the source of the Universe.

World Beyond World

Our past lives are our present lives, and our present lives are our future lives.
The way people live reflect what they hold in their minds. They each live according to their framework of mind. In the past, we lived with the same minds that we are living with now, and we will live the future with these same minds. Our mind then, now or later are all the same. Only when we escape from this mind can the past, present, and future become one.