July 2012 (English Edition)
Aug 2008 (Korean First Edition)

Cover: Hardcover
Size: 15.7 × 21.7cm
Length: 344pages

English, Korean, Spanish, Japanese

2014 Montaigne Medal in the Eric Hoffer Award Winner
2014 National Indie Excellence Awards Winner {Philosophy}.


Human Mind / Truth and Falseness / Only Truth Can Make Truth / False and Then Truth etc.
Doe is Normal Thing / The World Is As It Is / From Negative to Positive etc.
Futility of Life / Pictures / Nature’s Flow / Truth and Falseness / Limited Time etc.
The Way to Be Born and Live in Heaven / Circumstances of Mankind in Confrontations / Providence of Nature etc.
Time for Human / Four Seasons / Let’s Become True Person / True World etc.
Problems to Be Proved_ Questions

Where You Become True Is The Place Of Truth

Am I – the current self that exists – real? Is the world I am living in, the real world? It is a false world when one lives in his own self-made mind-world with a false mind, and when one discards the illusions and lives with the mind of the Truth, it is the real world. Woo Myung says, “Falseness is false even when it appears similar to the Truth, and it is false even if it speaks of the Truth. The Truth is only the Truth when one is the Truth.” Through this book, the author speaks of what the Truth and falseness are, the way to differentiate between the two, the meaning of human completion and the ways of the true world, as well as the way to become the Truth and live with wisdom. Explained in terms that are simple and easy to understand, he explains that true happiness can only be found when our minds become true and we live as one with the world.

Book Excerpts:

Falseness is always false even if it appears similar to Truth and it is false even if it speaks of Truth. Truth must be Truth for it to be true. Then, what exactly is Truth? If you have not become Truth, that is real and true, aren’t you false? Have you become complete, and if you have not, then again, aren’t you false? Man often tries to find Truth within his conceptions and habits but man cannot know Truth because Truth does not exist within human conceptions. Only those who have become Truth can know Truth. He who is alive can recognize who is alive and who is dead. Only those who are true can know both Truth and falseness. Thus, only he who has become true can know what is true and only he who has been born in the true world can know the ways of the world.

The Story about Book:

The calligraphy on the cover is written in Korean and means the place where the Truth exists is the place where you are able to become the Truth. The cover illustrations are drawn by the author on traditional Korean paper with brush and ink; and shows a scene in nature – trees, mountains, and flowing streams – and is unique in its beautiful simplicity and symbolism.

Korean First Ed. & the Translations: