June 2013 (English First Edition)
April 2005 (Korean First Edition)

Format: Hard Cover
Size: 15.7 × 21.7cm
Length: 321pages

English, Korean

Kyobo Bestseller (Korea’s largest bookstore)


Part 1
From Enlightenment To Spreading Truth In The World
Part 2
How To Become Truth And Why One Must Not Fail To Reach Truth
Part 3
The Dawning Of A New World Is The Dawning Of A New Consciousness
Part 4
A Talk With Joe Gattis, An American Priest Who Has Achieved Completion
Part 5
The Land Of Light

Heaven’s Formula For Saving The World

Emptying one’s mind is to recover one’s original nature and reach the world of true happiness. The only formula to get to that world – the formula to save the world that Woo Myung speaks of – is clearly laid out in this book. It is discarding one’s body and mind from the Universe, and discarding the delusional Universe that exists as a conception in one’s mind, leaving only the pure Universal emptiness that is the Truth. When one is reborn as the mind of the Universe that is the emptiness, the place he is in is the world of happiness. The way for all mankind to live happily and as one with the world is clearly explained in this book.

Book Excerpts:

It is absurd to believe that a person who is not reborn in heaven while he is alive can go to heaven after he is dead. Simply put, he cannot. When one’s consciousness becomes one with the great Soul and Spirit of the Universe while he is alive, the world in which he lives is both heaven as well as eternal life itself. That is why it makes no sense to say that a person who is not reborn in heaven while living could possibly enter heaven after death. They say it is through faith that one may enter heaven. However, it is only when heaven exists in his mind that he truly believes.

The Story about Book:

The cover illustrations were drawn in pencil by the author, who drew them not for the purposes of decorating the book cover but to more clearly explain the method laid out in the book. Previously no one had thought it was possible to express the way to empty minds and become the Truth in a mathematical formula, perhaps because becoming the Truth exists as an idealistic notion in most people’s minds. The Truth – which is difficult to know and even more difficult to become – is expressed by Woo Myung as a simple circle. The fact that the method can be written as a mathematical formula shows its logical, systematic, and scientific approach.

Korean First Ed. & the Translations: