I am eternally happy regardless of conditions

I always wished that everyone around me and I were always happy. However, it seemed like happiness was conditional. To fulfill my yearnings for happiness, I participated in sports, music, various social events, volunteering activities, etc. I enjoyed those moments when I kept myself busy, but soon I felt a void within. It seemed like my life was filled with cycles of ups and downs. I questioned the impermanence of life and always feared losing my loved ones. I also couldn’t understand why at times I reacted with love, sympathy, positivity and patience, but other times with hatred, judgment, fear, defense and negativity. I felt like I didn’t know myself, so I tried to sort out my thoughts. I also tried to perfect my character by reading self-help books and quotations, but I couldn’t find anything practical that gave me long-lasting happiness. Finally I found this meditation through a beautiful flier. After my very first session, I felt like the weight of the world had been lifted off of my shoulders. I instantly knew this was the answer. I began to meditate diligently. I was able to discard all of the clutter in my mind, through the simple, precise and... View Article

Changed Forever

ough my many years I have had many losses, hurts, and disappointments. Yet, I managed to keep going always believing that I would make it through. but i am ittle I kept losing myself through frustration, pain, despair worry, and anxiety. I never believed we were here on earth to struggle and fight through so many obstacles. Yet, that was the path I was on. I tried endless approaches to be free of all my conflict: Tai Chi, yoga, self help seminars, books, writings, acupuncture, hypnosis, spiritual clubs, western meditation, extensive travels, volunteer work, exercise, dance, crafts, etc. I did find some relief, but, always temporary. The ups and downs became exhausting. Through all my accomplishments as a teacher, head of small businesses, a spiritual counselor, a healer, hospice volunteer, etc. the fulfillment and joy were short lived. No matter where I turned I felt lost. More often than not I always felt I was missing something. Always searching only to discover that I was going around in circles. How could I enjoy the present when my past obstacles were pulling me back? How could I enjoy the present when I was living with fears of the future? I was... View Article

I am changing everyday!

Ever since I was quite young I always felt as if something was missing in my life. There was. Not knowing, I just went along with my life. Upon leaving school I had no direction or career path choice. This made me feel so left behind in the world and I felt quite lonely and insecure. I decided to travel for a year and upon returning I went straight back into an unhappy lifestyle. My family suffered financial burden and upset and life at home became stressful. Very soon after I met my partner. We both secured good jobs, we saved money and bought our first home together. We married and enjoyed many holidays together around the world. As this wasn’t satisfying our needs anymore we decided to leave England and start another adventure here to live in Australia. Striving for more challenges, in a few years we built 3 houses. My husband had set up 2 business and we had 3 children under the age of 2 and a half. With this combination we started to add more to our material goods basket, trying to fill our hunger for happiness. My chase for happiness had a hard price to... View Article

Happy Christmas Party

Hochimin City, Vietnam he Hochimin Christmas Party started like this; Hang was our chef of the day and Helper Irang and Khang assisted her by squeezing the limes. We decorated our table and soon, the table was full with the most amazing dishes prepared by Hang. Hang is really the best cook! We prepared these candy bouquets for students. It is quite pretty and you can probably use it as an ornament as well. Hang got so excited like a child. We also gave them these secret letters and you had to scratch with coins to read the letter. They had a lot of fun scratching the letters. We took some interesting photos. We posed as if we were models, and Helper Yoonkyung pretended like a stalker to Victor who was actually asked to be a model on street a while ago. Then it was followed by the best health dance and it was so much fun! It was our great pleasure to hear people saying that it was the warmest and happiest Christmas ever! We wish more people will be with us next year! Happy New Year, everyone!

I know I am on my way back home

From my teenage years, I had a strong interest in spirituality and philosophy, and have been looking for the answers on the most fundamental questions of human beings. God only knows how many books from different spiritual traditions I have read, but no knowledge and insights that I accumulated throughout the years could help me in dealing with my everyday life’s challenges. It only reinforced my false sense that I know something, that I am spiritual, and because of that, I am better than others. I did not know that “me, myself, and I” was the root cause of all my confusions and stress. About 18 months ago, I found a brochure at my front door, and that was the first time that this meditation came to my attention. I remember well that afternoon. I was reading the brochure, thinking… should I throw it in the garbage or leave it somewhere and maybe check it later again. But something inside me wouldn’t let me do either, so I picked up the phone and called the meditation center. And 18 months later, I now know that afternoon was the most important moment of my life. As soon as I started the... View Article

Lecture History 2013

2013 Date City / Country Time Venue 18. Oct StockholmSweden 19:00 IVA’s Conference Centre Grev Turegatan 16, Stockholm 15. Oct BerlinGermany 19:00 Abba Berlin Hotel Lietzenburger Str. 89, 10719 Berlin 11. Oct BudapestHungary 18:00 Budapest Marriott Hotel, Budapest balterem 1052 Bp. Ap?czai Csere J?nos u. 4. 8. Oct Milan Italy 19:00 Meli? Hotel _ Sala Ambra(1º piano) Via Tommaso Masaccio 19, 20149 Milano 4. Oct Genoa Italy 19:00 Starhotel President 1˚ piano Sala Colombo Corte Lambruschini 4 Genova 1. Oct Paris France 20:00 101, Boulevard Raspail, 75006 Paris 27. Sep London UK 19:00 Park Plaza Victoria Hotel Beatrice Suite 239 Vauxhall Bridge Road London SW1V 1EQ 13.Sep Nairobi Kenya 16:00 Fairmont the Norfolk Hotel (Harry Thuku Rd., Nairobi, Kenya) 10.Sep Kampala Uganda 16:00/17:00 Protea Hotel Kampala Conference room (Elgon Terrace, Kololo, Kampala) 6.Sep Antananarivo Madagascar 19:00 IBIS H?tel, Eden Gallery 1?re ?tage Salle Filao (Route des hydrocarbures Ankorondrano Antananarivo 101 Madagascar) 3.Sep Pretoria South Africa 18:30 Pretoria Country Club, Mardi Gras Room (241 Sydney Ave., Waterkloof, Pretoria 0145) 27.May SantiagoChile Ubicaci?n Hotel Crowne Plaza (Av. Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins 136) 25.May ArgentinaBuenos Aires 20:00 Abasto Hotel (Av. Corrientes 3190) 25.May Asunci?nParaguay Ubicaci?n Hotel Crowne Plaza 20.May LindoiaBrazil 19:00 Hotel Monte Real... View Article