I know I am on my way back home

Predrag/Art Consultant /Las Vegas, U.S.A

From my teenage years, I had a strong interest in spirituality and philosophy, and have been looking for the answers on the most fundamental questions of human beings. God only knows how many books from different spiritual traditions I have read, but no knowledge and insights that I accumulated throughout the years could help me in dealing with my everyday life’s challenges. It only reinforced my false sense that I know something, that I am spiritual, and because of that, I am better than others. I did not know that “me, myself, and I” was the root cause of all my confusions and stress.

About 18 months ago, I found a brochure at my front door, and that was the first time that this meditation came to my attention. I remember well that afternoon. I was reading the brochure, thinking… should I throw it in the garbage or leave it somewhere and maybe check it later again. But something inside me wouldn’t let me do either, so I picked up the phone and called the meditation center.

And 18 months later, I now know that afternoon was the most important moment of my life. As soon as I started the practice, and began to throw away the mental pictures of ideas, the concepts about me, the world, my life, and my relationships, I felt as if I am taking a huge burden off from my shoulder. The void that was created by deleting my imaginary world is filled up now with natural clarity. Everything in my life has been positively affected by my meditation practice… my family relationships, my work, the relationship I have with others, and most importantly, the relationship with me.

I learned to accept others and life events as they are, without analyzing, judging or classifying. The people that I interact with are dealing with me with much more ease now; because there is no need to prove anything to me and I am not trying to prove anything to them.

This meditation allows me to create a “space” between me and the things that are happening to me, and in that space I have the opportunity to decide how to react on whatever that is happening. My life now has meaning, hope, and goals. I know I am on my way back Home.
I cordially recommend and invite all of you who are now reading these words to call the nearest meditation center and receive a free seminar on this meditation and start practicing immediately. The meditation changed and saved my life and it will do the very same for yours.