Path to true happiness

I am a medical technologist and thought my life had been good. I have two daughters, Francisca and Soledad, and my partner Emilio. I always wanted to connect with God. I also asked for a divine help to be a better being. I had a very bad personality and got easily mad. The dark side of me often sprouted, also. That’s why I had participated in meditation groups but my self did not improve much. I liked being alone and did not want to socialize with people who did not share my ideas. This got me into trouble at work, causing many enemies. My family couldn’t be easy with me and I became distant from my relatives. I wrapped myself with a shield so that I could always do what I wanted. I was whimsical, self-centered and selfish, and I kept a lot of anger about people and situations. I thought that I was a victim of everything. I always put a wall between me and others. I was full of complaints and uncompromising with others. It bothered me when they were not in tune with me. One day, my mom gave me a brochure of this meditation and I... View Article

The way of light to eliminate my darkness

I am the fifth of six sisters. I graduated a college as a doctor in Ecuador and I came to Chile 16 years ago to complete my master’s degree. I had my first child during the degree program and my second son almost at the end of the program. At that time, I experienced two failures of my life, and I had to take care of my children as a single mom. In addition to the economic problems, I began to have symptoms of depression and panic attacks. In the meantime, my third child was born. He was like a teacher for me; for the first five years of his life, I felt like I was going to a school where I learned how one could live the life to fullest with real happiness having no pictures and stories in one’s life. However, raising three children alone… my personal life was still uphill. I had been within the paradigm of pain, caused by my personal experiences and past. I had always been trapped deeply in stress and confusions in my relationships with many people. Thankfully, my children encouraged and motivated me to stand in life, but I had been always... View Article