The way of light to eliminate my darkness

Rocío Monge/ Doctor/ Santiago, Chile

I am the fifth of six sisters. I graduated a college as a doctor in Ecuador and I came to Chile 16 years ago to complete my master’s degree. I had my first child during the degree program and my second son almost at the end of the program. At that time, I experienced two failures of my life, and I had to take care of my children as a single mom.

In addition to the economic problems, I began to have symptoms of depression and panic attacks. In the meantime, my third child was born. He was like a teacher for me; for the first five years of his life, I felt like I was going to a school where I learned how one could live the life to fullest with real happiness having no pictures and stories in one’s life.

However, raising three children alone… my personal life was still uphill. I had been within the paradigm of pain, caused by my personal experiences and past. I had always been trapped deeply in stress and confusions in my relationships with many people. Thankfully, my children encouraged and motivated me to stand in life, but I had been always exhausted physically and mentally.

One day, thanks to an invitation to which I will always be grateful, I met this meditation. At the meditation, I have found the true meaning of the eternal life that I have always been curious about. I realized that the pains I suffered were actually the projection of my mind. I intuitively thought that it was the way of the light that could eliminate the darkness of my own story. It was not the same as what had been happening to me. So I kept following the light. Now when I help people, I truly try to help them consistently. With the meditation, I feel like I’m back to my origin, the Universe. I discovered my divine dignity. Although God exists as is all the time, I exiled myself due to the stories of my own.

Through the methodology of this meditation and meditation assistance, I coexist with those who meditate together. Day by day, minute by minute, I live fully and consciously. I have no more stress. I know that I’m taking the road to the eternity. I’m back to my Hometown every time I meditate.