Europe Seminar Tour in Stockholm

Woo Myung lectures at special invitational lecture events in Stockholm, Sweden on September 8th at 7 pm. Date:   September 8th, 2014 Venue:  Westmanska Palatset / Holländargatan 17, 111 60 Stockholm Contact:   Stockholm Meditation Center, 76-804-6806

A guide to live a life

I got this book through a recommendation of a close friend. When I saw the cover page of book where many people are riding in a ship, it made me wonder, are there people really going to the eternal land of happiness? As I continued to read this book, I thought “it’s easy and fun.” I thought the book would have a complicated content, based on the title; but it explained human mind simply without any complexity. I was impressed by Woo Myung’s explanations that a human being does not live in the real world, but lives within own mind world; and that now, he could live eternally happy by escaping the mind. It seems like this book could clearly answer and solve the typical questions one tend to have as he lives his life, such as where does a man come from and where does he go? Sun-hee Pak/Kyungbuk