A rhapsody of life

Not all people practice the method to completion, because they just want to relieve stress and become relaxed to return to the routine to fit into the status quo… Some practice it to solve the very fundamental question about their existence. Some encounter with this meditation as they have a constant thirst, a constant hunger, for a real and true meaning to the life. “Who am I? The moment I am breathing, I say that I live, but what for? I call this body ‘me’ and see the world through the body. From birth, one continuously ages and is constantly threatened by death. Then, is this all?” These questions led me to an intense search. As so many people write and discuss about their knowledge and experiences, I also thought I knew a lot from studying science, religion, and mysticism. I studied psychology and graduated with honors. It does not mean that I was smart but I learned by questioning a lot. I worked as a psychotherapist. I worked as a therapist for other therapists for 26 years. I explored in thanatology, logotherapy, tantrism, and arts; and other disciplines that aimed at finding one’s self. I had attained answers and valuable... View Article

Talk Concert – Reading the Mind

Date: April 26, 2014 (Saturday) 4:00PM Venue: BEXCO, Exhibition Hall 1, Level 1, Hall 3B Contact: 051-516-7219 ( Free Entrance, First come First Serve)