Toward Human Complation “My Hope is all the people in the world become complete.”-Woo Myung- From Despair to Hope “All become one and live in the true world forever. This is my Dream.”-Woo Myung- From false ‘I’ to real ‘I’ “I write in the hopes that people can find their real ‘I’ through my writings.”-Woo Myung- From Human mind to Universe mind “The age of incompletion was the time of addition, the age of completion is that of subtraction”-Woo Myung- COEXSTENCE LIFE THE WORKS OF WOO WYUNG “I study and think over the way how I can deliver the method of being the Truth to the people so that they understand easily.” – Woo Myung – PICTURES CALLIGRAPHY BOOKS WOOMYUNG MAUM MEDITAITON VIDEO VIEW Man Believes that what is in the world is alive and what is not in the world or what has dissa pointed, id dead. In fact, it its peple, humans, who are dead. Man is dead because he is not ont with the eternal mind of the world. test2 test3 test4 > MORE > MORE > MORE > MORE test1 test2 test3 test4 > MORE > MORE > MORE > MORE WooMyung TeacherAND MAUM MEDITATION PROGRAM... View Article

Pencil on paper. 50cm×35cm.

The empty sky exsists whether there is world in it or not. The world made of the material of the empty sky exists. Also man exists.