Life of joy and happiness

This book is amazing. Finally a way to live without stress and anxiety. I was constantly reviewing my own story over and over, trying to find some peace. This book helped me realize I was living in my mind world. Woo Myung’s writings gave me an understanding of the life I could have now, by discarding all the stories a wonderful peace came over me. Now I can truly go to the Everlasting World of Happiness and live there forever. I wish everyone could feel this way. Start reading these inspiring writings now and live a life of joy and happiness. Julie

Strong and Inspiring!

I was quite surprised very early on when reading this book. Woo Myung writes with such an original style that clearly portrays his unhesitating determination to bring Truth to his readers. He keeps it quite simple and yet his words seem to continue resounding deep in my mind. I have read it twice now and I feel my mind shifting with almost every time I sit down with it. It really seems to be leading me away from the habits I have built up in my mind. The book has been inspiring to an extent that I feel I must follow it up with taking action with the meditation he recommends! Amanda Hill

Clear explanation about truth

I think this book is very different from other books. It makes me think about the eternal happiness and the way to live as truth. The author explained those difficult and important things very clearly. I wanna read it again and again through my life. James

The book with hope for life

We have expression, “I could die!” when times are tough. It could be just an expression made with a sigh, or it could be with real intention to die. We think about life without mind of suffering or hardship. A book can be helpful at times like this. I think this book is giving answers to why we live and how we are living in a wrong way. I would like to definitely recommend this book to people with suffering in their minds. Nam-gun Yu/Business/ Suwon, Kyung-gi

The days at the Center are like holidays

San Tiago, Chile The mind should be cleansed by oneself, but together, everyone at the Center is lending support and strength each time. This is a secret to happiness and comfort as if every days are holidays. Masked dance parties. Hard to go alone? We have friends to accompany us~

How to Live Well

How to Live Well To live without attachments is to live well. To live without self is to live well. To stand in Truth is to live well. To live without confrontation is to live well. To live a life of that is of nature’s flow is to live well. To live as one is to live well. To know that life is eternal is to live well. To live without worries, pain, or agony is to live well. To live as the emptiness is to live well.