For the Recovery of People’s Spirituality and Happiness

All of Woo Myung’s teachings have been in the hopes that people of the world will be able to recover their spirituality and lead happy lives. The topics include: the reason people are born; what the most important values in life are; and the way for people to become complete. Central to his explanations of nature, man and the principles of the Universe, is the principle of 'the nature’s flow.' His teachings are the foundation of wisdom for becoming one with the world, and living the life of nature’s flow.

There are roughly seven billion people on this planet, but no two minds are alike.

I have traveled all over the world to give lectures, and I continue to do so to this day. The content of the talks I give is the following:

This study enlightens one, and answers all questions one may have. People ask me how I enlightened to develop Subtraction Meditation. Because of my father’s death, I thought a lot about why people live and where people come from and return to. I had felt that when a person comes to this world and die, there is no meaning and it’s futile.