What Truth Is

The Truth Is an Everlasting, Never-Changing, and Living Existence

The Truth is an everlasting, never-changing, and living existence. This is the correct definition of the Truth. The existence that is everlasting, never-changing, and alive is the body, Jung, and mind, Shin, of the Universe, which existed before the great Universe. This existence is the sky before sky: the emptiness that is the great Universe itself. It is the Truth and the very Soul and Spirit of the great Universe.

It is a metaphysical entity that exists, of and by itself, in all creations. It is the source and the origin of all things. It does not exist yet it does exist; although it exists, it has no form. It cannot be seen or known by the human mind; it is only possible to know this existence when one’s mind goes beyond his human mind and becomes one with this existence. If one is reborn as the Soul and Spirit of this existence, he is the Truth and can live forever without death.

This existence exists, as the Universe itself. Regardless of the countless creations that come and go, it just exists, as the body and mind of the never-dying immortal origin. This existence is the Truth. Unless one’s Soul and Spirit is reborn in the land of this existence, nothing is eternal. Being reborn as the Soul and Spirit, in the land of the Soul and Spirit – the origin of all material form – is the completion of the Universe and this is what is meant by becoming the Truth.

Everything Is the Truth Just as You See It and Just as It Is

The Truth is what you see as things are, and things just as they exist. To see things as they are means, everything in the world are as they exist. For example, a man cannot fly because he does not have wings and nor can dogs, cows, or horses for the same reason – and this is simply the Truth. It is the Truth that man cannot live eternally with his human body. Everything that is material in this world is created through certain conditions, and leaves the world after the end of its lifespan that is also a condition. The lifespan of human beings is determined by the limited number of cells in their bodies and reproductive capacity of those cells. The Truth is things as they exist, just as you see and hear them.

Becoming a Complete Person Is the Most Important Thing in the World

Jesus once said that man cannot live by bread alone, but by the Word of God. One day, one of Jesus’ followers told him that he would like to follow Jesus, but that he had to first go and bury his father. To another man, who wanted to follow Jesus after saying farewell to his family, Jesus said; he who keeps looking back with a plow in his hand would not be able to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. It has also been said by another saint, that we should lament the sun setting on yet another day.

People are unable to hear these words because they are concerned foremost with whether they have food on the table. The most important and most precious thing in the world is to become the Truth, and a person who becomes the Truth becomes a living person. A living person lives a true life; he lives well because he has true wisdom; and he is able to truly live, free from suffering and burden.