Walking towards Completion

Nora Silvia Zaragoza / teacher / Mexico City, Mexico

I had a precarious childhood. My parents had to support a family of six children so they experienced economic hardship, which was overcome with the family unity.

I was not a good student but my brothers were. They had excellent academic achievements. Also, I was not satisfied with my physical appearance, which made me feel bad. I never talked to anyone about bad things I had gone through. This created many emotional problems throughout my life. I couldn’t trust people as I felt defrauded, so I kept distance from the people I lived with. My very way of thinking continued on to my marriage. With great efforts, I and my husband attained the certificate as a teacher, and we maintained the economic stability.

Our children have always been the blessing that brought the great joy to our life. Although they were good and lovely, I could not be a good mother for them. They were very reserved about their school life and personal situations. I also started to have problems with my husband. As my time was solely occupied with my work, I felt the lack of communication between me and my husband. We had a big gap between us. Disagreements were growing and I felt I failed being a good mother and wife. I thought I had not done the things right. Because of the stress, I suffered intense migraine attacks. I was always strained. The relationship with my family was getting worse. I couldn’t be happy. My anxiety just grew.


Meditation came into our lives, like a light. My daughter began first. She became so happy and I was glad she felt good. I did not consider it an option for me, though. Her brother was experiencing the emotional instability during his adolescence. He also became interested in this meditation and decided to practice it. I started to be curious about this wonderful method that had made my children change so quickly. They became happy and loving and they openly talked to me about their life. Precisely, they taught me the way to a full life, so I began to meditate. From the first day, I got rid of a very large load I had been carrying for years. Now I like to be surrounded by my friends and share my experiences. I feel great. Migraine disappeared completely. I am greatly enthusiastic about working as a teacher. I became more tolerant, also. I realized how wrong I was, but that does not matter anymore. I will continue the meditation till the completion. My children do not live with me these days, but we are more united than ever. They know I love them and I know they are well and doing what they love. Nothing else could make me happier. Now, my husband also meditates. We are cleansing our mind and recovering our relationship. I appreciate his love, support, and understanding.

Now I‘m doing Level 4 and I am grateful to all the helpers and great friends who support us every day at the meditation center and guide us to the path of Truth. I express my infinite gratitude to teacher Woo Myung for giving the humanity the opportunity of a full life.