I Started Meditation and the Universal Order Made Sense

Alexandra Dreher / Mandurah, Australia

I lived my life trying to fulfill my dream. And with “faith” I have achieved much. I always felt I had the responsibility to do everything myself, though. I wanted to please everyone. I wore myself out completely.

I worked hard to be acknowledged, but sill I didn’t have much self-confidence and was always in despair.

No one could see the world from my perspective and no one could do things “good” enough for me.

I was always working towards an aim instead of living in the now. I needed changes like house, children, holiday, moving to other countries, but the void was still there and would always show again and again. With that mind I enslaved myself, and was silently suffering…. unknowingly.


I believed there was something bigger and wiser than me and that would help me. I was not practicing religion much, but I would call myself a faithful catholic. That faith kept me very open-mind and always searching. After being introduced to this meditation… everything made sense. I realized how I was doing all this myself. Even though I knew I was the only one to change, I could not do it myself. (I knew that too, history has shown there was no solution)

I started this meditation and the universal order made sense. All the scriptures made sense. Unbelievable how the truth is so clear and how the human mind cannot see it.

The method has made sense from the first day – and ever since I started to discard, the truth reveals.

All I can say is – I am truly grateful to the method. Thank you.