Meditation Has Brought Me to the True Belief in Christ

Jiansu Zhang / Boston, U.S.A

Before I came to this meditation, I was an active Christian in church, enjoy pursuing the true meaning of human life with brothers and sisters. I believe that the word from Bible is truth and never changing: “One Body and one Spirit, even as you were called in one hope of calling; One Lord, one faith, one baptism; One God and Father of all, Who is over all and through all and in all (Eph.4:4-6)”. But I felt dismayed, asking why are there so many religions in the world? How can this world become one? I often thought: How wonderful the world will be if it becomes one, if everyone and everything becomes one!

By chance, I got a brochure from this meditation. I was attracted by the words “This meditation transcends the boundaries of all religions. Anyone from any religious group can become a part of this practice without giving up their own faith. On the contrary, the practice of this meditation when incorporated in a person’s own faith, can make them a stronger adherent to their belief system.” Since I sought to find the oneness of the world without giving up my beliefs, I joined this meditation.

After I have practiced this meditation for near one year, I’d like to testify that the meditation is bringing me to the oneness of the world by changing my mind to the infinite universe mind.


In the universe mind which is God’s mind, there is no religion, no discernments of good and evil. Everyone and everything live as one forever. Religions only exist in my mind world which has been built up by my own knowledge and past experience. I have lived in my mind world which is against God’s true world. My mind world is the source of all problems. This meditation is a method to guide me to discard myself and my mind world, and empty my self. As much as myself has been discarded, the truth comes into me, and dwells in me. During the meditation process, more and more words from the Bible reveal in me. These words are no longer only written in the book of the Bible, but the living words scribed in my heart. The way to understand the Bible is to empty my mind.

In the past, Humans have lived a life of addition, and have only known to add more things to their life experience, posses more things, and even wanted to posses truth. Now, the new age has begun for human completion. Through the method, discarding the human mind, everyone can become Truth, live a truthful life in the world of oneness forever. For the people who have changed their mind to the infinite God’s mind this world is heaven and the world of oneness. It can lead everyone to reach the highest standard of living ? human completion.