This book took stress from me.

As if trying to grasp at a straw, at least a couple times a month, I had read through self-help books in order to control my overflowing stress and ill-managed mind. But it was truly ironic that after reading such books, I felt I had to do something about them. As the books recommended, I wrote and behaved in the ways they had suggested, including self-hypnosis; but the effects were always transient, a month if long and a moment of reading a book if short. At last, I came to conclusion that controlling my mind and stress is insolvable; but I continued to read new popular books in a bookstore habitually hoping for some interesting content. But this book was different. It is written that through an elimination of mind without struggling to achieve something, things turn out better, following the nature’s flow. I was very surprised by this book. How many books such as this would be in the bookstore – such a book that speaks about acceptance of the world as one sees it and therefore, having more liberation, instead of having attachment to achieve something and suffer? At least for the moment I read this book, I am free from an incessant idea, “I have to do something.” And I find myself completely enjoying the moment of reading the book. How great!

Ji-won Guk/30/Corporate staff/ Seoul