This book just guided me into the world of happiness

“I remember the time I was reading Woo Myung’s World Beyond World and wondering about where the heck will be the world beyond this world, while ago. I’ve tried to get down with the answer but I couldn’t eventually though. Then I forgot about it and moved on, seemingly. One day, I saw the poster announcing Woo Myung’s latest book is released on amazon, while I was waiting for my coffee, so I bought this. The title Stop Living In This Land. Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness. Live There Forever calmed my mind and assured me that there could be the way to the true world. Once I opened it up, I just had to finish up this book til the last page. I ended up staying up all night, but I was not tired at all rather, I felt more compassionate and energetic through whole new perspective of the universe. Every word deeply touched my heart and I could feel a thin ray of light was shedding into my darkness. I loved it!!”

Jeremy Jean