This book is a miracle

“I recently purchased this book because the title sounded so awakening. The writer claimed in certain urgency that where we are living in is false and we must come out to the true world and live there. For me, “”living in false world”” made so much sense as my life was so much struggle. Woo Myung gave me this clarity by explaining everything in a simple yet powerful tones. There is something that truly attracts people reading it. Not all my questions were resolved but I believe that this book will guide me there eventually. I also have though that maybe, this is THE@ONE that I have been searching for my entire life. The writer also confirms that there is the true world of eternal happiness resolutely. His text triggers my old question about “”the end of this world””, “”Armageddon”” and “”human completion”” etc. So I would read and try to digest whatever was written. One thing for sure I feel little more hopeful of this life. 🙂 Thank you.”