This book clears my mind.

I hadn’t read many religious or philosophical books, but noticing a pretty cover page, I picked up the book. Initially, the words such as human mind, God, creation and eternal world were unfamiliar and difficult. But despite the unfamiliarity, the book very easily spoke about the origin of the world, human, God, Universe, creation, etc. As anyone would have, I also had questions about the reason and purpose of living. But the first part of the book very clearly explained this. It also explained simply about Truth which was spoken about in Buddhism, Christianity and other religions; this helped me to understand the world of Truth mentioned by religions. Personally, I was having a difficult time in my life and I was much inspired by the message that human beings live in the false world and that through meditation, they can live forever in the true world. Just reading this book puts my mind at ease.

Ji-hang Suh/Corporate staff/Seoul