The World Around Me Feels Full of Life

Chris / teacher, musician / Austin, TX U.S.A

Before beginning this meditation I had been meditating on my own for quite some time. I knew there was some kind of benefit to meditating that I could not exactly pin down. I was seeking a cure for my anxieties, moods, insecurities, and fears and had some good experience with more balanced emotions as a result of my efforts. However, after months of self meditation, I grew frustrated and unsure of my own meditation practices.

Around this time I met a friend for coffee where I found the meditation pamphlet. It was the perfect meditation solution for me. Not only did it address the root cause of all my suffering and mental burden but it had an easy-to-follow and simple methodology as well. I have been practicing this meditation diligently for almost nine months now and each day continues to be the best day of my life. The world around me feels full of life, challenges excite me, people around me seem interesting and beautiful, and I have almost no anxiety or worry.

The meditation has and continues to open doors in my mind that show me new and revealing aspects of my perceived reality. As I continue to meditate, my perspective continues to “upgrade” and renew itself and even old and familiar aspects of life take on new and exciting qualities. I have recommended the meditation to friends who are amazed at how much they have changed in the months since they began to meditate regularly. I can’t believe I used to live with so much clutter in my mind and I am eternally grateful to the founder and the the meditation method.