The Search

Armando Corona / restaurent employee / Chicago, USA

Early on, my mind was full of fear, pain, and uncertainty. As a teenager, I sought answers and freedom from these feelings by rebelling, quitting school, and starting a job. At first, I got into trouble often and even almost died in an accident. Later, I pursued success, money, fame, respect, and admiration. Everything ended in failure, though. Debt was the only thing I had left, but worse than that, I was just as fearful as before.

So I moved to Chicago for a new beginning and continued the search for anything that might help me out of my misery. Books, seminars, and religions taught me a lot. However, they were only transient motivations – only abstract concepts in my head – that I could never apply.

This pushed me deeper into depression and anxiety that no medicine or doctor could fix. I had nowhere else to go and was exhausted from searching without results. For some time, I wallowed in my depression, feeling sorry for myself, until I decided to go out for a walk one night.


While window-shopping, a young woman approached me and handed me a this meditation brochure. Upon reading it, I decided to go to the center. I noticed, first, that the people who greeted me had very different countenances from mine. They gave me a simple but deep explanation for my suffering. This seemed to be my last chance and I had nothing left to lose so I signed up.

Upon starting this meditation, my life gradually and consistently changed. the meditation fulfilled the search for answers and relief from the void in my mind. The depression disappeared and I no longer worried or was anxious. My relationships with people improved and I now do things at work that I had not been capable of doing before. Whereas my mind was full of greed, criticism, and obsession before, now I have a mind that can accept things as they are. I am grateful for what life gives me and I want to give back, share, and serve. There is no need to hurt anymore and worry about the future or past.

I know this is only the beginning of a long journey, but I am certain that this is the way. In just two years, this meditation gave me more than what I had achieved in 30 years and I cannot even imagine what more the meditation will guide me through in the future.

Looking back at my life, it is now easy to understand that the reason for my problems was myself – the way I was thinking and living. I also realized that every single event in my life served to guide me to this point where I can find the purpose of my life. The meditation gave me a sense of awareness, purpose, and gratitude.

That night when the meditation found me, the search ended.

From the bottom of my heart, I thank the creator of this meditation and all the meditation helpers.