The formula for Truth, the Peace

World Beyond World is the first book that gives mankind the method to becoming True Self, which is the original state of mind. Woo Myung explains that our individual mind makes the separation from oneness of the world. Also, he says that individual mind has been formed throughout life experiences and stored as images and has been accumulated and descended in our body from our ancestors. He states that in order to return to the original mind, Truth, and in order to become one from this separated world, our individual minds must be cleansed. Then, this world can live peacefully as one without separation from each other. There are many books that describe what Truth is but this is the first book to give us a step-by-step method to attaining eternal life, which fulfills the purpose of our lives. Reading this book will give you answers to many questions such as: Where did we come from? Why are we here? and Where do we go? Woo Myung explains that now is the time for human completion because now is the first time we are given the precise method to become a perfect man.

Mi-young Jung / Boston, MA