The End of Spiritual Seeking

After a deep depression and traumatic events that occurred about a year ago, I began to question the meaning of my existence. I didn’t understand why I live or what happens to me after I die, and without an answer to these questions I felt that I had no direction for what to do in my life. And as a college student, this made me feel completely trapped. I began reading books about spirituality and listening to various spiritual leaders. Although I had some brief flashes of hope and peace, many of my questions remained unanswered. After reading this book and practicing meditation, I now finally understand all this time I have been searching for Truth, and Woo Myung writes about it with indescribable energy and power. For anyone who considers themselves a spiritual seeker, or simply one looking for answers to these types of questions, I would highly recommend this book. This is a book I will read time and time again, it’s like nothing I have ever read before.

Michael Keating / Boston, MA