The Age of Human Completion

This is the age when anyone can achieve human completion. However, human completion is not possible without first becoming the Truth; we must first discard our false selves in order to achieve completion.

People are not complete – we are illusions and pictures because we live in a false world of pictures. We must discard ourselves completely and become the origin which is a completeness itself; and as a complete person, we must be reborn in the land of the origin.

Only when we discard ourselves completely does the Truth remain, and we must be reborn as the Truth. Being reborn means that our false selves are completely gone and only the Truth remains; and in order to be reborn and live in the world of the Truth, the existence of the Truth must make this happen.

Just as there are two types of eggs, fertilized and unfertilized, it is the same with people. There must be the Truth within a person in order for him to live. A person whose true Soul and Spirit has been resurrected is a complete person; he is a true person.

For the complete person, this world and the world beyond are not separate – they are simply one and the same. He just lives, without discriminations; he lives but does not dwell in life; he is free and liberated because he is truly self-less or without self. Since he does not have a self, he is sinless and he does not have karma; he simply lives as he is in the complete world eternally. Because he does not have a self, he does not have suffering; he lives but has great rest; he has no minds whatsoever but everything exists within him so he lives amassing blessings. He does not have minds of attachment, of an individual entity, so everything is one for him; he lives for others because he has a big mind that can embrace everyone.

When everything and everyone becomes one, we live as an “us”; there is no separation between you and me; other people come first; the whole world becomes our country and therefore, a paradise on earth.

Now is the age when these things can happen; it is the age when people can achieve the completion.