March 2012 (English Edition)
June 2011 (Korean First Edition)
Format: Hard cover
Size: 15.7 cm × 21.7 cm
Length: 380 pages
Languages:English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, Hungarian, Swedish
Achievements: 2013 Living Now Book Awards Gold Medal {Meditation/Relaxation}.
2013 National Indie Excellence Awards Winner {Philosophy/Spirituality}
2013 International Book Awards Winner {Poetry: Inspirational}.
17th Annual IPPY awards Gold Medal {Spiritual}.
2012 eLit Awards 3 Gold Medals {Spiritual/Mind, Body, and Spirit/Self-Help}. #1 Bestseller


Part 1
The Reason Man Is Born In The World
Part 2
The Human Mind
Part 3
God’s World Beyond The Human World
Part 4 (Poetry)
The Eternal World
Part 5(Poetry)
The Empty Living Sky

Stop Living In This Land, Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness, Live There Forever

Through this book, Woo Myung tells us that when one cleanses his mind and changes his human mind to the mind of the Universe, he will gain wisdom, live a better life and his mind, or spirit, will live eternally. It guides the path for people to achieve human completion, and the way to live with true happiness with the true mind.
The English edition was ranked No. 1 on the Amazon Bestseller list in 10 categories, including meditations, Self-Help, and philosophy, as well as ranking No. 1 overall for a period of time. Woo Myung was also selected as one of Amazon’s best authors in several categories.

Book Excerpts:

In order to become a complete person, a whole person, one must start throwing away from his mind which, until now, he has always added to. Only then can he walk the path to human completion. Truth is revealed to the extent the pictures, which are false, have been discarded. Completion is when a man who is false becomes true. Until now people have always added more and more in their lives. However when one throws away the pictures inside his false mind world and discards his self that is living in that false world, he can become complete and recover his original nature.

The Story about Book:

The title of the book, Stop Living In This World, Go To The Everlasting World Of Happiness, Live there Forever, was written by the author himself without particular regard to current title trends, and as such is not a sophisticated or catchy title. It simply states the definitive purpose and essence of the book itself, and reflects the author’s open and direct writing style.
It refers to escaping from the mind world that we have each made; and being reborn having become the Universe itself is what is meant by “going” to the everlasting world of happiness, which is something that must be done while we are still alive.
The calligraphy in the book was written by the author, who has written countless works of calligraphy with his inimitable penmanship. The title calligraphy written in Korean also appears on the cover of the English edition.
The illustrations were also drawn by the author himself, to provide a visual reference for the points he makes in the book in order to make them easier to understand. They appear frequently throughout the book and like his writing style, they are simple and yet profound, easy to understand and drawn humorously.

An Interview With Dr. Jan Jekler, the Translator of Swedish Version

Korean First Ed. & the Translations: