Now I Know What to Do to Change Myself

Daniel Wylie / Mandurah, Australia

Before I started this meditation I was unhappy with life and the world and the people in it but I didn’t have any answers as to why this was. I have a good wife, 3 lovely children, a nice house, and a nice car. I have always wanted to work for myself because I really believed it would make me happy. In the years leading up to the start of meditation, most things that I wanted in life to make me happy, I was achieving with some ease.

There was a lingering feeling that although I was getting what I wanted materially it all felt so delicate and fragile. I constantly worried about the future from an early age. One day I stopped and thought that no matter how much I have gained materially I was still worrying more than ever about the future and what it would hold for me. I stopped and asked myself, that if I set all these goals, even upon achieving them…and was still not secure, would I ever feel happy?

This made me realise that there was something missing from my life, something that money could not buy. I have had questions all my life about this and that and wasn’t happy with the answers I heard. I struggled with people and their view points and I was desperate to get my view point across and so it caused relationship problems. Even strangers that would pass me by in the day, I could find uneasy feelings about them. My world became an angry world. I knew this was unhealthy for me and for others around me… I started my search. I started reading books on spirituality to see if I could find any answers there. In it I read about the mind which interested me and realised that some of my problems could stem from my own mind. The book recommended to try some type of meditation. So when my wife brought home a leaflet for the meditation I wanted to try it straight away. As soon as I started to meditate and discard the pictures my life started to change beyond belief. I am so thankful to the meditation because now I know what I have to do to find peace and true happiness.