Now I know how to be happy

Iván David Sánchez Zaragoza/ Student/ Mexico City, Mexico

Like any other kids, I always felt depressed about problems; especially in dealing with my parents. I left school to devote myself to music; but I still felt emptiness and I wondered, ‘For what do we come into this world? Why do we work if we are going to die someday?’ Having these questions, my curiosity was increased and I felt deeper sorrow at meaningless of life. I started to have a slight hatred towards my parents without any reason.

When my sister started this meditation, I saw a noticeable change in her. It greatly reduced her stress. Seeing that remarkable change, my mother decided to get me into the meditation as my mother and I had the same impression about my sister – becoming happier. I even thought that maybe she took drugs. But still I refused initially; my pride, selfishness and stubbornness stopped me.

During the first session of the meditation, I spent just a short time in the meditation and didn’t even make an effort. But as time passed, I became more serious and committed myself to this. During the first week, I felt more convinced about the meditation. I kept meditating longer and longer, and I felt more peaceful and happy. By the time I passed Level 1, the relationship with my sister improved a lot; my mother was surprised to see us not fight, but share our things without expecting anything from each other. That was when my mother decided to start the meditation. The relationship improved between the family members. Most of all, I found more happiness.

Now I’m in Level 4. My smile has changed; it is no longer the fake smile to please others or hide discontent. Now, actually, I want to be a meditation helper. I realized that this is true happiness towards the world, the way to ultimate happiness and the way to be reborn in the truth.