July 2012 (English First Edition)
September 2001 (Korean Revised Edition)

Format: Hard Cover
Size: 13.2 × 21.2cm
Length: 256pages

English, Korean, Japanese


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Poems of Heaven
Part II
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Part IV

Nature’s Flow (Poetry Collection)

A collection of poetry with descriptive verses of the author’s childhood, lyrical depictions of nature, and sincere, simple statements about enlightenment. Topics include nature’s flow, enlightenment, nature, and life in the author’s inimitably simple voice. All poems were written after the author achieved the Truth. A beautiful poetry collection showing that true poetry comes only when one writes from the place of pure consciousness.

Book Excerpts:

Nature’s Flow When dealing with another,
do so with the absence of your mind.
When you do this,
that person will feel at utmost ease.
When you do this,
you will become one with that person.
When you become one with him,
he will listen to your words,
which are free of mind.
Love, compassion, and benevolence
confine the mind of another,
for they are all attachments;
they are undesirable,
for they cause you to create karma
which is what gives birth to the human mind

The Story about Book:

Poetry that flows like water, written from the author’s clear and pure consciousness. They were not written and re-written, edited and re-edited; the author does not write practice drafts or first drafts before completing his verses. Although they were written in a straight-forward manner, it is the opinion of the translators and readers that they contain all the compositional elements of good writing, though much has been lost in translation. The comfortable flow of writing brings the reader to naturally to the point or conclusion of each piece. The natural flow of the author’s poetry that nevertheless utilize poetic elements show a twist or change in pace or tone that make the poetry more vivid and moving.

Korean First Ed. & the Translations: