Meaning of the Mind

Sol Torres/ psychologist / Chile

I became interested in this meditation as I saw the changes of my mom.

I was surprised that she did not have the same patterns of behavior and I was always curious about what she was doing.

In the meantime, I was going through a time of depression and that made me to find a new way.

My mom invited me to this meditation and I went to the seminar that Mr. Chang gave in December 2011.

At first, I found the explanation very new. I also saw the amazing video of a personal experience of Viry (a  meditation helper in Chile) and I was finally convinced. I was moved by her experience and felt culturally closer.

When I started meditating, I realized that I was slowly released from much of the stress I had at the time.

Also, every time I came home, this meditation, I received much affection and they were always happy! I thought, ‘wow, this has to be different. There must be something deeper here.’

As I went through the first level of this meditation, I felt happy more and more, as if loads were removed from my mind. When I went to the second level, I felt my consciousness developed higher than before. I also realized that this was a very personal process requiring consistency and patience.

My personal relations were improving, I communicated better, and everything became simple. I could complete my work much faster than before, and I did not trouble myself for “nonsense”.

I realized that this meditation was what I was searching for many years. There was no meaning in just earning money, feeling “tied” to the people, and working for a living in a stressful environment.

It was very charming and great. I decided to bet everything of me to embark on a journey with the meditation so I also decided to go to the main center in Korea.

Fortunately, a friend I met in the meditation (Alejandra) decided to get on the boat to the truth at the same time. We went to the main center together.

I am currently in the meditation center in Korea. I feel my life had never been meaningful. I am very grateful to have found this path and I wish each and every one of the world could take on this journey.