Life of freedom and space….

One time while I was watching the interview of Jin-young Pak, there were many things which I agreed with him. After having it all, and again achieving, accomplishing and possessing, what remained was not happiness, freedom or satisfaction. Trying to be more fulfilled, aiming higher and therefore burdened more with futility, and deluded that this is the true, best life; what remained were only unseen burdens of my mind. There was no way to release these unseen burdens only that I possessed. There were no places that truly solved this; no books gave clear answers even with many books available. But this book is easy to understand for anyone and clearly suggests answers. With this one book, I was able to let go of all of my burdened minds which I carried for many years alone. It clearly explained the way to live in addition to also addressing my burdensome mind. This is the first time reading such truthful book, even though I had read many other meditation-related books. I recommend this reading to everyone. I feel so free after letting go and solving the issues of my mind. Now I can breathe easily. And I am thankful for even the small things. This book is not a religious book; it is a true book beyond religions. I am lucky to have read this book. I really recommend this book to anyone.

Eun-Kyung Yi/Corporate staff/Seoul