Journey of Hopes and Dreams

Maria Cohen / Westminster, U.S.A

Have you ever felt no matter how hard you tried that it was just never good enough? Has there ever been a time in your life where it seemed there was more wrong than there is good in this world? I have. I would go through the day and everything seemed so dark and gray. Living life day by day and just going through the motions. When I was a child, I faced trauma no child should and not even therapy could help.

But this eventually changed. I remember the day I found the pamphlet. I was leaving a restaurant and there on the counter was a pamphlet for this meditation. I have never heard of it but what it offered seemed too good to be true. It offered happiness and a real life through true existence. I began to meditate and found that I have an unbelievable amount of memories, both good and bad, stored inside of me that hid the real world.

I kept going back to the meditation center. It was my safe haven where I could feel calm and relaxed also learned to be more grateful to the Universe and see my life in a more positive perspective. I am confident and happier now. I found a second family and the meditation center became my home away from home.

My Life was a journey of regrets but now I have a journey of hopes and dreams. Someday, I will see the Universe in its true form with the help of the meditation!!! Thank you ever so much~!!