Introductory Seminars of the Ma Eum Soo Ryun in South Korea

A new style of innovative introductory seminars was scheduled to educate the public on the Ma Eum Soo Ryun founded by Woo Myung. Developed by the Association of Ma Eum Soo Ryun, a non-profit organization, and sponsored by the City of Seoul, the National Assembly Library of South Korea, and the Institute of Human Completion, the concerts started in Seoul on March 25, 2013 and successfully toured 20 cities all over South Korea.

These concerts, which included genuine and entertaining stories to provide a little comfort with some propositions toward happy life, and a hope of healing to the average citizens and contemporaries living with stress, generated a great response from the participants.

The free concerts were causing a sensation also due to the fact that the concerts were composed of volunteers who have accomplished deep self-reflections on their own and understood the minds of contemporary people.

Professor Yu Jin-woo , who emceed the concert, was the first Asian coordinating professor of Jacques Lecoq School of Theater, France, and was selected as one of the 100 Korean Artists in the World; Shin Young-tae , who was the main drummer at the concert, is a professional performance artist and had been invited to perform at the World Cup opening and Shanghi Expo ceremonies in the past.

The main highlight of the concert was that it had the style of talk concert with a program that supported the healing of minds. Professor Park Il-dae from Dongshin University, who is an expert in education of the mind and a chief instructor at the main center of Ma Eum Soo Ryun, lectured on definition of the mind and the method of subtraction based on Woo Myung; thereby proposing directions to living happily without stress.