I found the purpose of life.

I read while not moving for 3 hours. It was a shock; if this text was right, I can end my long-time wandering. I was always questioning why do I live, where do I come from, where do I go, and what is the right way to live. My inside always was futility itself, even though I was active in my own way through religion, and meditation. It was always a dilemma about how to direct my children as a parent; I was ashamed to tell them, “since others lived this way, you also should,” when even I did not know the way. In outwardly appearances, I seemed to be upright and okay, but it was hard since it felt like a mask. Even though I was often praying and doing charity work, there always were enemies and barriers with people who did not fit my ways of thinking.Gradually, I was more and more exhausted at myself who weren’t able to live as told by the Bible. Then, I read this book coincidentally. Before, we were told to throw away and release without any explanations as to “why?” In this book, there is an explanation.It was very simple and concise; it was realistically written without extraneous embellishments. If this is true, wow!! And it is unbelievable that the solution as well as the causes were very simply and clearly explained. Could my long-awaited questions be solved so simply?

Sung-hee Jang/Corporate staff/Daejun