Highly Recommended!

I always wanted to know who I was and what the purpose of my life was. I had been searching for answers to these quesitons everywhere. I had been reading lots of spritual books and practising different kinds of meditation but they didn’t give me any full answer to my quesitons. They gave me a temporary relief from my stressful daily life but they didn’t last very long as they didn’t guide me any nearer to the answers. When I read this book, I felt relieved to know that I was trapped in the false world that I had created. It gave me a totally different understanding of myself. I felt very refreshed to know that all my burdens and stress didn’t really exist in the true world. Why should I regret so much about the past and worry so much about the future that doesn’t exist? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to live in the true world with lots of happiness? I would like to thank the author for the new insight. I can’t wait to find more about the methods to live in the true world at the local meditation centre.

J Yoon