Enlightenment and Purpose

During the course of one’s life, everyone asks the question, “Who am I?” I believe this book is the one that holds the answer. This book surely provides the path to discovering how to solve the problems that are stuck in my mind and even suggests the definite shortcut to find the way. This book is difficult to understand but it is easy to solve the meaning, so I found that quite fascinating and mysterious. Since this book is so engaging, after reading it I came to ponder again about the author, Woo Myung, with deeper curiosity. Although I don’t have any religion, people with any religion or belief could read this book with great interest if they allow themselves to take on a new perspective. Through this book, I think I can solve the question that mankind has been puzzling over since the beginning of time, that we have to face once in our lifetime. I recommend this book to anyone who is searching for enlightenment and purpose.