Diamond in the rough

Woo Myung persistently emphasizes how NOW is the time to become complete through throwing away our false mind. This man has only one goal, one vision – to see the world, discard their self-centered worlds and live together as one mind and body. The Way To Become A Person In Heaven While Living is a diamond in the rough. Woo Myung gets straight to the point. The what?: Become the mind of nature’s flow and live eternally as the soul and spirit of the universe, of Truth. The How? Throw away the false mind, the dead mind. The where? “Ma Eum Soo Ryun is a place that focuses only on cleansing oneself (p. 73).” That drove everything home for me. The what, where, why, how’s. Finally, a clean-cut book on how to obtain Truth, authored by a man who solely focuses on teaching Truth. I’m extremely happy with this book and I highly recommend those who are willing to give Truth a chance, to read this book with an open heart and an open mind.