Being One with the Universe

Rosa Lidia Tapia Moreno / industrial pharmaceutical chemistry, entrepreneur/ Mexico City, Mexico

I used to live in total darkness. Both of my past and future distressed me. Unnecessary and negative thoughts filled my mind and led me to a life filled with stress, fear, insecurity, and a lack of confidence in myself and in my surroundings. I lost all enthusiasm for life and was trapped in a deep depression. My physical health also continued to deteriorate.

I found this meditation at the end of 2010. It has taught me a simple, easy, accessible, and understandable method to completely remove, from my mind, all these absurd thoughts and beliefs that prevented me from seeing and knowing the Truth. It was because I had been trapped in an illusory, unreal, untrue world.


My health has greatly improved. The changes in my habits have improved the standard of my life. My family and personal relationships became more fulfilling and positive without criticism. When others ask me my favor, I can support them in a selfless and altruistic way. Now, I know how to appreciate and really understand them.

I carry out my work more accurately; I have more focus and energy, which brings me better results.

This Method of emptying out the mind has taught me how to clean my mind and offered me a reason and motive for life. I am certain that I live eternally happily with fullness by becoming one with the Universe. I am optimistic and free from any conflict. I have conviction that the Universe is the greatest being. I have learned to appreciate and live the life every day with enthusiasm and confidence.

I hope everyone knows the meditation and understands the true meaning and purpose of their life; why we come to this earth and where we go when we die. This will make them to live happily and fully, without pressure of any kind, fully. This must be the aim and purpose of our Creator.

I’m currently practicing level 5. I am longing to get to the completion so that I reach the goal.

I express my total and profound thanks to this meditation for giving me the peace, tranquility, and freedom, and for leading my life up to here.