A miraculous method

Daniel Tenenbaum / Guatemala

From outside, it seemed like I had everything. I had a loving family and also all things I wanted and needed. I had an atheletic body, carisma, and intelligence… and I lived a fruitful life with my family, lovers, relationship with others, exercise, education, food, parties, travels and friends…. I was always positive and happy. I lived happily only noticing good things in everything. I was very fortunate. Many people always liked me and I was never lonely.

Since I was 22 years old, something changed. I started to question why I studied, and worked, and where I am headed after death. I began to live a spiritual life since then. I was searching for something for 4 years. I didn’t know what, but I knew it was something very important. I felt I was incomplete and futile. There was no meaning in my life, but I felt there must be something…. the meaning of life and purpose. I felt life was not about money, work, party, friends, and family.

I put a lot of effort to find this ‘something.’ I read many books of Dalai Lama, Osho, and Eckhart; and I did a lot of yoga, tai chi, reiki, and meditations. Back then, I gave it everything I had – time, energy, and myself. After 4 years of thinking only of this, I can tell you: I couldn’t find anything!!!!!!!!
My health suffered; and I abandoned my friends and laid in my bed sick for a long time. Some days I was exhausted and just stayed in bed all day long. When I went to a hospital, the doctors said my health was very good. But I felt the light I always had was beginning to weaken. Even though my family said I must do something, I knew it wouldn’t fill the void I felt. Even if I had my dream job.

Fortunately, I met this meditation. A little brochure changed my life completely. The lecture I heard at seminar touched me very much. Up to this point, I only added (experience, emotions, information, etc.) and those pictures (as they say at the meditation) were the causes of suffering. Those pictures became a burden and harmed health. The method of solution at this meditation was throwing away the false mind, they said. And for me who only added, when I threw away, it was so great. I continuously went to the center for months. I was full of energy and felt more lighter each time I meditated. The weakened light came alive. The meditation became very precious to me. Everyone, including me, saw my transformation.

All those things I had sought were just additions. As I meditated, I found that I was inside those pictures. I was able to see a sense of superiority and self-conceit which I always had. Before, I had thought these were good to have, but now I am sick of them. Now I think it’s natural to feel exhaustion before you start the meditation; because worthless things are being added to your burden continuously.

This Meditation has a very simple method to throw away my mind. I don’t know how I was able to change so fast. As I meditated, I was able to see those dirty minds and the best thing was that I was able to throw all of those mind-masses away. I really like the young-nong method of the meditation. Young-nong is a training of moving one’s body; this is how deeply rooted minds are removed.

I felt a lot of changes since this meditation. My mind is at ease. The young-nong method makes my body lighter and I became thin. I was lazy before, but now I am very healthy and able to move around easily.

This is the method in order to live. The method to live for the world. The method to live for others. Really it is a message from heaven; not a religion – it is a place to only throw away, and no adding. This method is a miracle and I can confidently say, you will know it is a miracle when you try it. I am not sure how I would have been if I didn’t do this meditation. I was able to find the meaning of my life and now I know I must let others know of this method. I found a very preciuos treasure and I want to share it with others. That is why I am in the main center of the meditation. I want to be a helper. I thank the Universe for helping me to meet the meditation!!!!!!