A Light at the End of the Tunnel

Cristina Sandra Hwang / psychologist / Sao Paulo, Brazil

My endless search for Truth began since I was young.

When I was seven years old, my father passed away. I started to have, within me, a series of questions that had remained unanswered for over twenty years: Why are we born? Why do we live? Why do we die? Does God exist? Where is the Truth?

As a little girl, I began my peregrination with various religions, philosophies, and practices in search of a ‘being’ that could fill my existential void.

However, what I had found from those many promises were only false prophets and disappointments. A search for such answers even influenced my professional training: International Relations and Psychology.

However, the academic and scientific world could not fill up this void.

To the eyes of those around me, my life was always perfect. They could not see the suffering I had from my meaningless life. The experience as a psychologist confirmed my perception that a life was that of nonsense.

However, this story, which seemed to be destined to have a dark end, gained life and sense when I was introduced to this meditation.

Upon hearing the first explanation about the meditation, my instinct knew that it was the Truth. At that moment, I decided to go to Korea to meditate at the main center. The next day, I quit my job and few days later, I was in Korea meditating.


Now, I’m in the seventh level and I cannot be more grateful. My emptiness has been filled because I have found the answers to all my questions.

I found my place and my purpose. It is a blessing to be able to awaken every day and to feel that life has a meaning. I am also sure that it is really possible to be happy.

And best of all, this method is very simple. Just like how the Truth should be: simple and available to everyone.

As a professional psychologist, I can say that this meditation gives you the best results in the shortest time, among all the techniques and methods, which promise to reduce stress and bring a psychological well-being. This meditation is a miracle; it gives you what no other techniques can. It teaches us the way to reach happiness quickly and effectively.

Now, there is a light at the end of the tunnel for all human sufferings. This light is the meditation.