Youth Camp


-Youth meditation camp-

Of the world 17,000 elementary, middle and high school youth participated in 1999, starting in July 2012 is the best character education programs. Vacation in about 3 weeks, young people living together and practicing mind, find their true nature. Of the completion of the human mind as wide as the universe established and desirable value of youth through summer, winter period so that the world can live well-rounded education (total education) camps. Children meditation seems a remarkable change in the attitude towards life and spiritual growth. Teachers and scholars for research leads to the change of youth.

  • Youth target-site alternative education
  • School orientation for in :: depth counseling, and improving concentration. Improve self-esteem and self-efficacy training.
  • School violence prevention education : : Harmony program development, peer relationships promote the program, development of aggression reduction program.
    *Addiction Prevention Education
  • Non-smoking education: *Education Career Exploring-Confidence promote career exploration program for development
  • Sex EducationElementary School’s memories as a way to discard gender equality gender recharge values.
  • Suicide Prevention Education Middle school students with strong suicidal tendencies. 2, 3rd grade education